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The Conforto boiler is a powerful source of heating for all of the modern zoned heat delivery systems including baseboard, in-floor radiant, steel panel radiators and free standing radiators. The efficient three pass design on the Granby Conforto boiler coupled with the hydrolevel fuel smart control will maximize system efficiency by constantly adjusting the boiler water temperature to best match the conditions inside the home. Reducing temperature swings, increasing fuel savings and providing years of reliable comfort for your home.

• High efficiencies up to 88.6% AFUE
• Full swing door and flue pipe cleanout for easy cleaning
• Bolt-on manifolds and leg levellers for simple installation
• Removable baffles and smokehood
• Energy Star rated
• Chimney or direct venting
• Limited lifetime warranty

Comfort and Security

The choice of a new heating system should strike a careful balance between initial cost
and future fuel savings. Improvements in current systems offer significant savings over
those installed only a decade ago. Often times those savings can be eliminated by an
excessively high initial cost. Granby’s combination of high efficiency and competitive
pricing position the boiler among the industry’s heating value elite.

Electronic Boiler Control

The Oil Electronic Aquastat® controller included with the Granby Conforto boiler provides electronic temperature sensing in a UL limit-rated control with a single sensing probe. The electronic Aquastat controls the circulator, the oil burner and boiler temperature. The standard electronic Aquastat offered with the Granby Conforto is “Outdoor Temperature Reset” ready which is enabled when connected to the Outdoor Reset Kit. Built-in diagnostics help ensure proper system operation and efficiency.

Optional Outdoor Reset System

When installed, the boiler setpoint decreases automatically based on the outdoor temperature while still providing all the necessary heat to maintain the comfort level. The Outdoor Reset may increase boiler efficiency up to 15%*—enough to pay for itself in less than two years. For homes where the boiler also handles domestic hot water (DHW), the Outdoor Reset system will give DHW priority to ensure that all household needs are met.


The Granby Conforto is a versatile boiler that can be fueled by oil, propane or natural gas. Venting the boiler can be accomplished by utilizing a standard chimney or by direct venting out a sidewall. When domestic hot water is needed, the Conforto can be paired with any of the industry’s fine indirect water heaters. With net outputs from 74,000 btuh to 193,000 btuh, the Granby Conforto series can fit almost any application.